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Title Location Date
UG Mine Surveyor - Cadet
UG Mine Surveyor - Cadet Mudgee, AU 13-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 13-May-2022
Senior Mining Engineer
Senior Mining Engineer Mudgee, AU 12-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 12-May-2022
UG Mine Surveyor
UG Mine Surveyor Mudgee, AU 02-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 02-May-2022
Open Cut Mining Engineer
Open Cut Mining Engineer Mudgee, AU 28-Apr-2022
Mudgee, AU 28-Apr-2022
UG Production Superintendent
UG Production Superintendent Mudgee, AU 21-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 21-May-2022
Senior Mining Engineer
Senior Mining Engineer Singleton, AU 10-May-2022
Singleton, AU 10-May-2022
Underground Operators
Underground Operators Ulan, AU 08-May-2022
Ulan, AU 08-May-2022
Mining Engineer
Mining Engineer Singleton, AU 13-May-2022
Singleton, AU 13-May-2022
MTP Mining Engineer
MTP Mining Engineer Singleton, AU 09-May-2022
Singleton, AU 09-May-2022
Mine Planning Superintendent
Mine Planning Superintendent Blackwater, AU 09-May-2022
Blackwater, AU 09-May-2022
Mine Geologist
Mine Geologist Blackwater, AU 27-Apr-2022
Blackwater, AU 27-Apr-2022
Maintenance Supervisor (Field)
Maintenance Supervisor (Field) Singleton, AU 11-May-2022
Singleton, AU 11-May-2022
Open Cut Production Superintendent
Open Cut Production Superintendent Mudgee, AU 27-Apr-2022
Mudgee, AU 27-Apr-2022
HR Superintendent
HR Superintendent Camberwell, AU 19-May-2022
Camberwell, AU 19-May-2022
Senior Environment & Community Advisor Ulan, AU 27-Apr-2022
Infrastructure HV Electrician
Infrastructure HV Electrician Mudgee, AU 04-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 04-May-2022
UG Conveyor Coordinator
UG Conveyor Coordinator Mudgee, AU 19-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 19-May-2022
Trades Assistant
Trades Assistant Mudgee, AU 16-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 16-May-2022
UG Deputy
UG Deputy Mudgee, AU 12-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 12-May-2022
UG Electrical and Mechanical Trades Ulan, AU 08-May-2022
Manager of Mechanical Engineering
Manager of Mechanical Engineering Ulan, AU 06-May-2022
Ulan, AU 06-May-2022
Electrical Engineering Manager (UG)
Electrical Engineering Manager (UG) Mudgee, AU 29-Apr-2022
Mudgee, AU 29-Apr-2022
UG Weekend Engineering / Project Coordinator Mudgee, AU 15-May-2022
UG Development Mechanical Coordinator
UG Development Mechanical Coordinator Mudgee, AU 12-May-2022
Mudgee, AU 12-May-2022
Maintenance Fitter
Maintenance Fitter Miles, AU 17-May-2022
Miles, AU 17-May-2022